• Marlene Dumas
  • Floris van Manen
  • Merijn Bolink
  • Roy Villevoye
  • Armen Eloyan
  • Maria Roosen
  • Jan Schoonhoven
  • Katrin Korfmann
  • Guido van der Werve
  • Scarlett Hooft Graafland
Zonder titel
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Untitled, 1994
indian ink and water colour on paper
82 x 67 cm

AMC — Marlene Dumas

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 1994
    indian ink and water colour on paper
    82 x 67 cm

  • Weerspiegeling&Reflektie

    Weerspiegeling & Reflektie, 2007
    staal, ijzerdraad en zilver gecoate pvc-schijfjes
    30 x 1 x 4 m

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 2009
    20.10 x 2.25 x 1.75 m

  • The way to go

    The way to go, 2001
    digital computer print on vinyl
    83 x 3 m

  • The Poet

    The Poet, 2011
    oil on canvas
    130 x 160 cm

  • Close friends

    Close Friends, 2005-2007
    photoserie (18)
    133 x 100 cm

  • ‘r 75-10', 1975
    relief, wood, paper mache
    106 x 106 cm

  • Kolorit

    Kolorit (triptych), 2012,
    100 x 145 cm

  •  Green II Reykjavik

    Green II, Reykjavik, 2004
    120 x 120 cm

Collection AMC


The Academic Medical Center (AMC) is one of the Netherlands' eight university medical centres and is considered one of the best in its field internationally. The AMC's three main duties are care, research and education.
The AMC offers two university courses: medicine and medical informatics (informatics in a medical context). It also provides higher vocational training for nurses and is involved in various advanced nursing courses.

The AMC's art collection focuses on fine art from the Netherlands since 1945. The collection contains 6,000 works that provide an overview of Dutch postwar art history from the CoBrA movement to the present. The numerous renowned artists represented include Karel Appel, Constant Nieuwenhuys, Jan Schoonhoven, Armando, Ger van Elk, Jan Dibbets, J.C.J. van der Heyden, Robert Zandvliet, Roy Villevoye, Carel Visser, Marlene Dumas, Marc Mulders, Elspeth Diederix, Jacqueline Hassink and Guido van der Werve.
The AMC actively commissions works of public art. In recent years, artists have included Elspeth Diederix, Roy Villevoye, Jan van der Ploeg, Jacqueline Hassink, Floris van Manen, Vincent Zedelius, Merijn Bolink and Scarlett Hooft Graafland.

The AMC does not use its collection for commercial purposes but, first of all, to make public spaces more pleasant.The collection also plays an informativeand educational role, allowing "users" of the AMC to learn about contemporary art in unexpected places. Finally, it helps the AMC to profile itself: art offers a way for the institution to distinguish itself nationally and internationally.

The AMC houses the largest permanently exhibited collection of post-1945 fine art from the Netherlands. Its foundations were laid during building in the early 1980s, when the so-called one-percent regulation enabled a series of carefully chosen art commissions and purchases. The goal was to build a collection that would reflect the various movements in postwar Dutch art. Over the years, the collection has been augmented with numerous gifts, works on longterm loan, and purchases. In addition to approximately 6,000 paintings, photographs and works on paper, the AMC collection contains a large number of monumental objects and videos.

Collection title
Collection AMC
Sabrina Kamstra (Hoofd Kunstzaken), Edith Overzet (Kunstbeheerder)
Head office
Art collection locations
Number of art works
Launch year
paintings, drawings, prints, photography, video and site-specific installations
Focus of collection
Contemporary fine art by Dutch and Netherlands-based artists from the period since 1945. Public artworks are actively commissioned. The collection also contains video works by international artists.
Guided tours

Guided art tours are available for a fee for groups of 20 people or fewer.

Website /
Art collection website
  • AMC Collectie, Vijftien stromingen in Nederlandse schilderkunst na 1945 uit de collectie van het Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1989 E.M.H. van Doorn, W.H.Brummelkamp
  • AMC Kunstboek/AMC Art Boek, Sabrina Kamstra, Simon Knepper, Johan Kortenray, Amsterdam, 2003, Amsterdam University Press
  • I am a bird, Amsterdam, 2009, (verschenen bij gelijknamige tentoonstelling) Sabrina Kamstra, Henk van Os, Titia Voûte
    Hans Eijkelboom, NAI uitgevers, Goede Bedoelingen en modern wonen, fotonotities over de Bijlmer, 2010
  • Sabrina Kamstra, Joke van Saarloos en Arjan van der Zee, Aaibaar beton, dertig jaar bouwontwikkeling in het AMC , 2011
Exposition space

Besides exhibiting its public art collection, the AMC operates three gallery spaces:

  • AMC Brummelkamp Galerie: Temporary exhibitions of works by artists whose work is or will be part of the AMC's collection are held here six times a year. For an overview of recent shows (in Dutch)
  • De Vitrines: Young and established artists and designers show their work here in approximately five exhibitions a year.
  • Q-art: Two large vitrines in the outpatient clinic provide space for artists to exhibit installations for six months.

Each year, an artist’s multiple is commissioned for the series The human form in conjunction with the AMC’s annual public medical lecture, The Anatomy Lesson. Prints are available here.

Site-specific works for renovated and new buildings have been commissioned from artists including Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Merijn Bolink, Hans Eijkelboom, Roy Villevoye, Jan van de Ploeg and Thomas Elshuis.

Works on loan
  • Teun Hocks,  2 x Zonder Titel (1987 en 1994), De Hallen Haarlem, 2017
  • Arthur Kleinjan, Giza #1, Giza #2 (2006), De Nederlandsche Bank, 2016
  • Ferdinand Erfman, Acrobaten (1950), Museum More, 2016
  • Sandra Kruisbrink, Zonder titel, CODA museum, 2014/2015
  • Constant, New-Babylon nummer 1 (1963) en New-Babylon nummer 9 (1963), Museum IJsselstein, 2014/2015
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