• David Lindberg
  • Marc Ruygrok
  • Jasper Hagenaar
  • Arjan van Helmond
  • Galerie
  • Sjoerd Buisman
  • Henk Visch
  • Berend Strik
  • Desiree Dolron
  • Gé Karel van der Sterren
  • Anna Thalia Benus
  • Natascha Libbert
TChinese Purple
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45T Chinese Purple, 2012
pigment, glassfiber, glue
600 x 500 cm

LUMC — David Lindberg

  • TChinese Purple

    45T Chinese Purple, 2012
    pigment, glassfiber, glue
    600 x 500 cm

  •  If It Is So

    If it is so, 2004
    bronze, messing
    125 x 75 x 0.45 cm

  • Skirt

    Skirt, 2007
    colour photo
    39,5 x 29,5 cm

  • Willy de Ville

    Window#6, 2005
    acrylic, gouache en ink on paper
    49,5 x 29 cm

  • Gallery LUMC

  • Phyllotaxis

    Phyllotaxis, 1997
    280 cm (groen) x 350 cm (zwart)

  • Anna lacht niet

    Anna doesn’t laugh, 1996
    cast aluminium
    110 cm

  • Ramallah

    Ramallah, 2009
    stitched Print
    100 x 150 cm

  • From series: Religion & death, Shivaisti-Junagodh, 1991
    gelatin print
    25.5 x 18 cm

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 2011
    oil on canvas
    55 x 60 cm

  • Untitled, 1993
    mixed media

  • Lily’s water, 2020
    100 x 140 cm

LUMC Art Collection


The LUMC is a centre of medical innovation focused on improving patient care through scientific research. It trains physicians, specialist care providers and researchers to contribute to this. In addition to general patient care, the LUMC provides specialist treatments that may only be carried out in a limited number of medical centres. As a centre of medical innovation the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) seeks to play an (inter)nationally recognised prominent role in improving the quality of health care.

The collection of the LUMC consists of some 3,000 items distributed over the wards, passageways, waiting rooms and stairwells of the various buildings. The collection focuses primarily on unique works of art and includes drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures and videos by contemporary artists. In addition to the collection of unique works of art, artists are commissioned to make works of art for specific locations in the public space.
The foundation for the collection was laid in the late 1980s; with works of art of, among others, Tjong Ang, Henk Visch, Marc Ruygrok and Marlene Dumas. Artists who were still relatively unknown at the time but today are considered to belong to the establishment. During this period an important, valuable photography collection was added thanks to sponsors. It involves photos made in a period in which photography started to manifest itself as an autonomous art form. Photographers such as Sebastiao Salgado, Aart Klein and Sanne Sannes are included in this photo collection. This classic collection of photography constituted an excellent basis for further expanding the collection with contemporary photography.
Notable in the 1990s and 2000s is the artists' focus on man and his direct environment. During this period many portraits of artists starting out at the time such as Rosemin Hendriks, Willem Sanders and Martine Stig were added to the collection.

Art policy
With the foundation of the Art Foundation in 1988 a start was made with building the LUMC collection.From the beginning, the art policy focused on contemporary art of socially engaged artists. The starting point of the collection is the great diversity in contemporary art in the Netherlands. The LUMC Art Collection provides a representative overview in this context. The LUMC's Art Affairs department seeks to include several works of art of each artist in its collection in order to give an impression of an oeuvre. The collection continues to expand with works of promising artists. The unique nature of the collection is determined by the spaces in which the works are displayed and the fact that the LUMC is a care institution. In addition, the quality of the works of art previously chosen is always leading in acquiring new works of art. Being included in the collection acts as a 'quality hallmark'.

The art collection of the LUMC has its origins in its construction phase of the 1980s. At the time, the 1% facility for government building projects made it possible to commission works of art. Apart from commissioned art for the main building, from 1988 Art Affairs also acquired an autonomous collection of works of art to be placed in the hospital's extended public zones. This period also saw the foundation of the LUMC Gallery and an exhibition space for 3D works of art; the current sculpture garden. Art Affairs - part of the Communication department - has been responsible for the content and implementation of the LUMC's art policy on behalf of the Board of Directors since 1988.

Collection title
LUMC Art Collection
Sandrine van Noort
Head office
Art collection locations
The collection is exhibited in the three buildings of the LUMC: the main building, the Research building and the Education building. The main building houses most of the items from the collection in streets, squares, waiting rooms, outpatient clinics and
Number of art works
2,600 works of art, more than 1,500 of which belong to the core collection.
Launch year
paintings, photos, drawings, graphic art, sculptures, installations, videos
Focus of collection
Contemporary visual art. Commissioned works of art are realised for public spaces.
Guided tours

Tours are organised on request from the LUMC to a maximum of 15 persons at a time.
It is also possible to take your own tour with the aid of the Art Tour, a brochure that guides you along some forty works of art in the building. The Art Tour is available at the main entrance or at the communication department of the LUMC.

Art collection website
  • Jacqueline Kleisen (red.) ,Kunst als medicijn. Een keuze uit de kunstcollectie van het AZL (Art as medicine. A selection from the art collection of Leiden Academic Hospital), Leiden, 1996
  • Sandrine van Noort (red.), Kunstroute, Een rondleiding langs de kunstcollectie (Art Tour, a tour along a selection of works of art), Leiden, 2012
  • Cicero 'Uit de Kunst' (An artful collection), LUMC publication
Exposition space

The Galerie LUMC (LUMC Gallery) is located on the ground floor of the main building. Approximately five or six exhibitions are organised in this exhibition space each year. The exhibition policy is closely related to the acquisition policy. The exhibitions provide a 'window' on the world outside the LUMC. The exhibitions usually have a topical theme that is linked to the world as perceived by patients, visitors and members of staff. The sculpture garden is situated next to the LUMC Gallery. This indoor space has been available for innovative art since 2008. Every year an artist is given the opportunity to arrange the space. Architecture is the starting point in this context: the artist explores and interprets the space and creates a fitting work of art. This gives the sculpture garden a dynamism all of its own. In recent years André Pielage (1975) and Linda Nieuwstad (1974) successively arranged the sculpture garden according to their views. In 2012, David Lindberg realised a work of art for the space. In the same way as scientific research constitutes a driving force of the LUMC, research was the starting point for these temporary art projects in the sculpture garden.

  • Hermine van Bers Award for Visual Arts, 2012
  • ‘Hakkaart’, anniversary exhibition in cooperation with Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden, Gorcums Museum, Gorcum 2011
  • Exhibition Uit Japan (From Japan), Galerie LUMCin cooperation with Sieboldhuis, Leiden in connection with 400 years of trade relations between Japan and the Netherlands, 2009
Works on loan
  • Stedelijk Museum Arnhem, for the exhibition 'Realms of Memory', 2014
  • Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, for the exhibition 'Leven met aandacht', 2016
  • Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen, for the solo exhibition Hieke Luik, 2017
  • Museum More, Gorssel, for the solo exhibition Rosemin Hendriks, 2016
  • Maja van Hall, De droomboom (The dream tree), 'Retrospectief (Retrospective)', Museum Beelden aan zee, Scheveningen, 2012
  • Helen Verhoeven, Event One-Detail 3 (Room with Chandelier) 'Helen Verhoeven|Part Pretty', Schunk, Heerlen, 2012
  • Marie Aly, Willy de Ville, 'What's up!- De jongste schilderkunst in Nederland' (What's up!- latest developments in the art of painting in the Netherlands), Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, 2012
  • Berend Strik, Ramallah, 'May I show you my Pictures?', Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen, 2011
  • Frank Lenferink, Untitled, Instituut voor Beeldende, Audiovisuele en Mediakunst (BAM), Hasselt, 2008
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