• Tim Ayres
  • Iris Frederix
  • Roy Lichtenstein
  • Peer Veneman
  • Corneille
  • John Cees Smit
  • Annemiek Vera
  • Jan Wolkers
  • Erik Andriesse
 Me and Vermeer I
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Me and Vermeer I, 1992
metallic varnish and gloss paint on plywood
150 x 130 cm

Sanquin — Tim Ayres

  •  Me and Vermeer I

    Me and Vermeer I, 1992
    metallic varnish and gloss paint on plywood
    150 x 130 cm

  • dagdroom

    Dagdroom, 2005
    oil on canvas
    185 x 130 cm

  • zonder titel

    Untiteld, 1974
    screen print
    68 x 51 cm

  • mapenda

    Mapenda, 1992
    kapok wood
    100 x 80 x 60 cm

  • Le chant des iles

    Le chant des îles, 1959
    oil on canvas
    117 x 117 cm

  • zonder titel

    Untiteld, 2001
    oil on canvas
    183 x 204 cm

  • prince charming

    Prince Charming, 2005
    236 x 219 cm

  • moeder en kind

    Moeder en kind, 1959
    patined bronze
    134 x 150 x 60 cm

  • zonder titel

    Untiteld (Crab), 1991
    mixed media on paper
    140 x 250 cm

Sanquin Art Collection


Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation ensures the safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands. Sanquin also develops and produces pharmaceutical products, conducts high-quality scientific research, and develops and performs a multitude of diagnostic services.

Purchasing work from young, beginning artists has resulted in an adventurous collection of about 650 works of art. Over the years, a number of artists have made a name for themselves, and the collection contains renowned artists such as Andriesse, Appel, Corneille, Lucebert, Armando, Dekkers, Schoonhoven, Gubbels, Lichtenstein, Ayres and Wolkers. The collection also consists of work from newer artists such as John Cees Smit, Annemiek Vera, Dorine van Delft, Iris Frederix and RaQuel van Haver. The works of art are displayed in Sanquin's offices and public spaces: a truly inspiring work environment.

The art committee of Sanquin manages the collection and supervises additions to it.

Fifty years ago, Professor Joghem van Loghem, who was the first scientific director of the Central Laboratory of the Blood Transfusion Service of the Netherlands Red Cross (CLB), laid the foundations for this unique art collection. Van Loghem reasoned that (young) scientists would be inspired to think in more creative ways, once innovative art, made by young artists, was introduced into the institute. A creative mix of art and science would challenge scientists to broaden their thinking.
The works of art that started the collection in 1959 were a bronze sculpture by Jan Wolkers entitled "Moeder met Kind" (Mother and Child), and a painting, "Le chant des îles" by Corneille. In the early eighties, after Van Loghem had retired, a committee was appointed by him to manage the collection.
Sanquin in Amsterdam has been organizing monthly exhibitions since 1985. Over the past 25 years, many artists have had the opportunity to show their work to the public in solo-exhibitions in Galerie Joghem. For many artists, this was their first time, and for some it resulted in a breakthrough in their career. The collection has expanded principally with works of art from artists who have exhibited in Galerie Joghem.

Collection title
Sanquin Art Collection
Miel Josemans and Jorie Tijs
Head office
Art collection locations
Amsterdam and Leiden
Number of art works
More than 650.
Launch year
paintings, etchings, graphics, photography, sculptures, murals
Focus of collection
Contemporary art - mainly Dutch - from 1959 onwards.
Guided tours

On request.

Art collection website
  • Art book Sanquin pur sang, Amsterdam, 2010
Exposition space

Galerie Joghem holds a monthly exhibition at Sanquin in Amsterdam. By opting to show work by young, talented artists, the gallery promotes innovative, original work, thus fulfilling a niche role in the art world.


An anniversary exhibition takes place every five years, consisting of work by artists who have exhibited in that period. An expert panel chooses the best contribution, which will then be purchased by Sanquin.

Works on loan

Some works have been leant out for retrospectives, such as those for Erik Andriesse and Jan Cremer.

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