• Yumiko Yoneda
  • Tea Mäkipää
  • Alphons ter Avest
  • Rosemin Hendriks
  • Teja van Hoften
  • Thomas Elshuis
  • Ton van der Laaken
  • Bram van Leeuwenstein
  • Kees Goudzwaard
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Shaped feelings, 2010
mixed media
40 x 60 x 20 cm

Rijnstate — Yumiko Yoneda

  • Shaped feelings, 2010
    mixed media
    40 x 60 x 20 cm

  • Catwalk, 2006
    Videoloop of 60 min.

  • Donkey at surfboard, 2014
    EPS, fiber and epoxy
    300 x 120 x 80 cm

  • untitled, 2002
    24 x 18 cm

  • Mitose, 2006
    220 x 360 x 8 cm

  • The Passage, 2011
    digital print
    140 x 1100 cm

  • Black points at field, 1995
    charcoal and chalk on paper
    100 x 70 cm

  • Meet and Eat, 2011
    handglazed tiles
    270 x 1000 cm

  • untitled., 1997
    oilpaint and silkscreen on linen / tabletop
    150 x 280 cm / tafel: 189 x 350 cm

Rijnstate Art Collection


Rijnstate provides top quality clinical hospital care in the Arnhem, Rheden and De Liemers regions.  We have facilities in four locations:  Arnhem, Velp, Zevenaar and Arnhem-Zuid. Our facility in Arnhem is part of the Samenwerkende Topklinische Ziekenhuizen (STZ) association (teaching hospitals cooperative). As a hospital, we have the responsibility to provide good care to our patients. To this end, we conduct scientific research and are actively engaged in innovation.  In our patient care we are committed to deploying sustainable solutions in direct care and the associated processes.  



Rijnstate is building a professional, contemporary art collection that fits well in a hospital environment; art that inspires, takes the patient's mind off his or her situation, generates dialogue and pleasantly surprises visitors. We mainly focus on artists who work in the Netherlands, from young talent to famous artists. 

Rijnstate buys art and provides space for artists to exhibit their work. These past few years the emphasis has been on ordering artwork from artists when renovating or building a new facility.  In our facility, we focus on providing a healing environment for our patients: from providing great hospitality and clear signage to a carefully designed interior. Visual arts give us an extra dimension. We ensure access to information about the works of art. In this way, the visual arts reach a large audience.

Rijnstate is the result of a merger of the three hospitals in Arnhem; the new organisation opened its doors in 1995.  The beginning of the Rijnstate art collection began with the placement of a mobile piece by Rombouts Droste in the atrium of Rijnstate Arnhem and thirteen letter mobiles by Marc Ruygrok on the different floors throughout this facility. Both the Zadkine statue and the Franz Stracké statue were moved to Rijnstate Arnhem from the Diaconessenhuis estate. In 2001, Rijnstate merged with Ziekenhuis Zevenaar and Ziekenhuis Velp; the art collection was displayed in all facilities.



Collection title
Rijnstate Art Collection
Jeroen Glas
Head office
Art collection locations
Arnhem, Arnhem- Zuid, Velp and Zevenaar.
Number of art works
Launch year
All disciplines
Focus of collection
Contemporary art
Guided tours

Guided art tours on request.

A short printed walk along the art is available at Rijnstate Arnhem.


Art collection website
  • 7 covers with text, Mirjam Geelink, NTvG Amsterdam, 2014-2015
  • 3 projects are added to De collectie, 25 jaar kunstprojecten in zorginstellingen, SKOR, 2009
  • Eugène Terwindt en Ton Nijst, Kunst om beter van te worden, Arnhem,1995
  • Tim Huisman, Kunst & Geneeskunst, Arnhem, 1995
Exposition space

We put on six exhibitions a year on the ground floor of Rijnstate Arnhem, a hall that hundreds of people walk through each day. Solo artist exhibitions whereby we explore the boundaries of what art can bring to a hospital. The dynamic of a new exhibition every two months inspires patients, visitors and employees alike. Visitors can view the exhibitions at the main entrance during opening hours.

  • Rijnstate supports Artez-studenten and alumni with exposities and assignments.
  • Rijnstate supported the project of  Future Cities/gemeente Arnhem in 2013 to raise awareness of the climate issue, by placing  'a bed of moss of the artist  Annechien Meier'  at the forecourt.
  • Rijnstate joined in 2008 'the Procession' organized by Anna Tilroe during Sonsbeek Grandeur exhibiton; employees of Rijnstate carried the statue of Matthew Monahan through the streets of Arnhem.
Works on loan
  • Marnix Goossens Patio and Outsight, exhibition Yonder, Nouvelles Image and Foam, 2013

  • Ossip Zadkine The lost son, exhibition Chez Zadkine, Singermuseum Laren, 2004



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