• Arie Versluis & Elly Uitenbroek
  • Erwin Olaf
  • Henk Tas
  • Paul de Nooijer
  • Taco Anema
  • Carla van de Puttelaar
  • Dana Marshall
  • Francoise Huguier
  • Rineke Dijkstra
  • Inez van Lamsweerde
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City Girls, 2008

Randstad — Arie Versluis & Elly Uitenbroek

  • City Girls, 2008

  • Working class Heroine, 1988

  • Work 'n Play, 1989

  • Bergen werk, 1990

  • De Voorgangers, 1986

  • Lena, 1997

  • Fruition, 1990

  • Mémoires de la mode, 1995

  • Manon Cleveringa staigair front office, 1997

  • At Work, 1991

Randstad Art Collection


Like no other, Randstad realizes that work is important in a person's life. Work encourages and develops. Work gives you an active role in society, stimulates your development, influences your financial situation and determines your social status. Simultaneously, people are the most important value within organizations. Randstad is made up of people and work, and has been matching candidates and organizations for more than 50 years. We can do that by thinking along with people. In what stage of your career are you? Which challenges does your company have? That is our passion: bringing out the best in people and organizations.

Photography plays a major role in Randstad's house style. It is the ultimate medium to visualize our abstract services and express our identity. After all, photographs are able to reflect reality clearly and directly, but also capture the human emotion. Furthermore, it is a relatively young and innovative form of art that matches Randstad's innovative edge.

Art policy
Randstad is committed to a collection with a broad range. Experience shows that art is a positive contribution to the quality of the work environment. Based on the thought that people adapt their behavior to the character of this environment, the collection gives an inspiring impulse to Randstad's services.

In 1988, Randstad started buying photography in addition to the graphic art. Photography has played a leading role in Randstad's design from the start. The designers cooperated with top photographers. This relation with photography gave rise to the Randstad Photo Collection 'werk|work'. Since 1999, Randstad aims to exclusively build a photography collection, gradually decreasing the graphic art collection.

Collection title
Randstad Art Collection
Wim Vos
Head office
Art collection locations
The collection is spread throughout the Netherlands. The art works are located in Randstad's head office, training centre and branches. Also, photographs from our collection are frequently on loan to museums, both domestic and abroad.
Number of art works
Randstad's collection consists of about 1,500 works.
Launch year
Graphic art has been in the art collection since 1960, Randstad Nederland's year of incorporation. The photography collection was started in 1988.
Graphic art (lithography, etchings and silk-screen prints), but mainly photography.
Focus of collection
Randstad's collection area is mainly focused on the Netherlands, but also includes works of international photographers. Furthermore, all these works are related to the theme Work.
Art collection website
  • -Henk-Jan Hoefman en Lenette Schuijt (ed.), Het menselijk gezicht van werk [The human face of work], Rotterdam/Vught 2004.
  • 'Retóricas del trabajo', [Rethorics of work] Randstad photo collection 'werk|work', Málaga, 2004 (catalogue to the exhibition with the same title).
  • 'Werk|work', the Randstad photography collection 1988-1995, Diemen 1995.
  • Flip Bool and Herman Hoeneveld, Fotografen aan het werk voor Randstad [Photographers at work for Randstad], Diemen 1990.
External presentations
  • 'Retóricas del trabajo', Randstad photo collection 'werk|work', Málaga, 2004.
  • Union museum, Amsterdam 2002.
  • 'Work. Dutch woman photographers/Collection Randstad Netherlands', Holland Tunnel New York and studio 38 Utrecht, 2001 (with brochure).
  • Sept. 2011 | 'hArt voor Afrika' [(he)Art for Africa)| Proceeds: €9,574
  • May 2011 | The art auction '(h)Art voor Japan' [(he)Art for Japan] | Proceeds: €27,163. Randstad doubled this amount.
  • The focus of Randstad art sponsoring is on developing human talent. The criteria are talent, youth and innovation. One of the ways Randstad implements its sponsoring policy is by regularly commissioning work to Dutch photographers, expressing their vision on the theme of work. 


Works on loan

Randstad makes all art works in the collection available as on-loan pieces. 


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