• Yinka Shonibare
  • Ulay
  • Ger van Elk
  • Rineke Dijkstra
  • Karel Appel
  • Marlene Dumas
  • Guido van der Werve
  • René Daniëls
  • Jan Schoonhoven
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The Pursuit, 2007
two mannequins, Dutch wax print fabrics, shoes, coco mat, silk flowers
mannelijke figuur: 162 x 161 x 200 cm, vrouwelijke figuur: 169 x 190 x 140 cm

Rabobank — Yinka Shonibare

  • ThePursuit

    The Pursuit, 2007
    two mannequins, Dutch wax print fabrics, shoes, coco mat, silk flowers
    mannelijke figuur: 162 x 161 x 200 cm, vrouwelijke figuur: 169 x 190 x 140 cm

  • Anamnesis

    S'HE, 1974-2013
    triptych, digital colour prints on baryta
    60 x 60 cm

  • Evgenya

    The missing person, 1976
    colour photo
    43 x 48,5 cm

  • Evgenya twee

    Selfportrait, Marnixbad, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 19,1991, 2001
    43,7 x 30,5 cm

  • HorizonofTuscany

    Horizon of Tuscany # 23, 1995
    oil on canvas
    200 x 260 cm

  • DeadMan

    Dead Man, 1988
    oil on linen
    50 x 60 cm

  • PeaceMaker

    Nummer acht - Everything is going to be allright, 2007
    multimedia, dvd
    10 min. 10 sec. loop

  • XteriorsII

    Borsalino, 1981
    pencil and waterpaint on paper
    30 x 20 cm

  • RM 74-4, 1974
    white painted papermaché on wood
    106 x 106 cm

  • Rabo Kunstzone (inside)
    October 2012

Rabo Art Collection


Rabobank is a full-range financial services provider that operates on cooperative principles. In the Netherlands the emphasis lies on broad financial services, the international focus is especially aimed at food- and agribusiness. Rabobank offers all financial services that are necessary for economic traffic in a modern society. Rabobank Group is comprised of independent local Rabobanks plus Rabobank Netherlands, their umbrella organisation, and a number of special subsidiaries. In terms of Tier I capital, Rabobank Group is among the world's 30 largest financial institutions.

Rabobank is developing a high-quality collection of contemporary art, characterized by discerning perception and quintessential depth. Rabobank wants to share the collection with a broad public as a source of knowledge, inspiration and encounter. The Rabo Art Collection is a reflection of contemporary art since 1950. The focus is on the boosters of their time and work that shows a change in the artist's development. Thus, we contribute to the care of the cultural heritage of tomorrow. Art consists of stories: about life and how to relate to life. And a story fit real life as it's told. For that, the Rabo Art Collection gladly shares her collection. 

From 1995 to present, Rabobank (Rabobank Netherlands and the local Rabobank offices) has silently composed a collection of contemporary art. Together with the artists themselves, key works are selected that reflect the highlights in their oeuvres. Together, these key pieces present an overview of Dutch contemporary art. Since 2009 Rabobank has chosen to add international artists to the prominently Dutch art collection. Nowadays three storylines are omnipresent in the collection: humans, society and 'the idea'. In that way, the Rabo Art Collection gives a reflection on the world around us. .

Since 1995, Rabobank is working on a collection of contemporary art, which is presented in offices of Rabobank Netherlands. The acquisition policy of the Rabo Art Collection was established in 1997. The ambition was not unpretentious: to create an outstanding art collection in which various generations of Dutch artists are represented, possibly with their best works. Within fifteen years the collection has blossomed into a well-conceived entity whose accents lie in Dutch conceptual art, condition humaine and social commitment. Since 2009 international artists are included in the art collection. It is an addition to the Dutch based collection, inspired by the international growth of Rabobank as an organization.
Since 2011 the new headquarter at the Croeselaan in Utrecht is thé spine of Rabobank Netherlands. The Rabo Art Collection presented from mid-2011 till September 2014 her collection in solo and collection exhibitions in the Rabo Art Zone. In line with the future vision of Rabobank, the Rabo Art Collection focuses now on cooperation with local memberbanks and organizations with cultural connections and relationships. So the collection is shared by partnership, for and with a wide audience.

The collection is furthermore shared by means of art loans to (inter) national museums and through the online Rabo Art Collection. Also local Rabobanks build their own collections, with local emphases.

Collection title
Rabo Art Collection
Verily Klaassen, Esther Wagemans
Head office
Art collection locations
The Rabo Art Collection is exposed in 10 Rabobank headquarters in The Netherlands; Utrecht, Eindhoven, Best, Boxtel and Tilburg.
Number of art works
2100, from which 1200 art works of approx. 100 artists belong to the core collection.
Launch year
drawings, paintings, photographs, works on paper, sculptures, graphics, video's, mural objects and (multimedia) installations
Focus of collection
The collection consists of contemporary Dutch art from the 1950's and beyond, with international accents since 2009.
Art collection website
  • Hans den Hartog Jager, Jaap Bremer, Ella van Zanten, Manon Berendse e.a., Unlocked #2.5, Utrecht, 2009
  • Roos van Put, Rob Smolders, Wim van der Beek, Rob Perrée, Angelique Spaninks, Herman Hoeneveld, Robbert Roos, Kunstbeeldcahier. De Rabo Kunstcollectie, P/F-Kunstbeeld, Rijswijk, 2005
  • Janneke Wesseling, Jaap Bremer, Marieke van Schijndel e.a., Unlocked #2, Eindhoven, 2005
  • Angelique Spaninks, Esther Jansma, Marieke van Schijndel, Unlocked No [1], Eindhoven, 2001

Rabobank has a long history of supporting the arts. Until 2010, Rabobank was promoting partner of the Van Gogh Museum. Nowadays Rabobank collaborates with Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Bach Society among other initiatives. Local offices of Rabobank are also sponsoring various art and culture initiatives in their own working environment.

Works on loan
  • Robert Zandvliet, Paysage au ciel sombre and Pier & Ocean, 'Robert Zandvliet  - I owe you the truth in painting', GEM museum voor actuele kunst, Den Haag, 2012
  • René Daniëls, Zonder titel (Historia Mysteria), Zonder titel and La Muse Vénale, 'René Daniëls. An exhibition is always part of a greater whole', Reina Sofia, Museo Nacional centro de arte Madrid and Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 2011-2012
  • Karel Appel, Horizon of Tuscany # 23, 'Karel Appel / Studio Toscane', Cobra Museum voor moderne Kunst, Amstelveen, 2011
  • Folkert de Jong, Circle of Trust (Mother and Son) and Heritage, 'Circle of Trust. Folkert de Jong', Groninger Museum, Groningen, 2009-2010
  • Mark Manders, Unfolded Figure, 'The Absence of Mark Manders', SMAK Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst Gent and Kunsthaus Zürich, 2008-2009
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