Lakeside Capital Partners

  • Troika
  • Tomáš Libertíny
  • Hans op de Beeck
  • Levi van Veluw
  • Karel Goudsblom
  • Alexander Kaletski
  • Robin Speijer
  • Marcel Delmotte
  • Richard Meitner
  • Klaus Staudt
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Borrowed Light, 2019
filmography on emulsion, plexiglass
90 x 70 x 18,5 cm

Lakeside Capital Partners — Troika

  • Borrowed Light, 2019
    filmography on emulsion, plexiglass
    90 x 70 x 18,5 cm

  • Vessel #1, 2011
    beeswax, glass, metal
    86 x 86 x 86 cm

  • Tatiana (butterfly), 2018
    polyester, polyamide, copper, coating, wood
    28 x 28 x 46 cm

  • Guider for Veneration, 2019
    wood, cobalt, ink
    120 x 120 cm

  • Hop on hop off, 1999
    sprayed moulded synthetic

  • Boy in oversized shirt, 1995
    gouache on cardboard
    83 x 66 cm

  • Nightflower, 2019
    oil paint on canvas
    250 x 190cm

  • Oidipe (Arcadia landscape), 1946
    oil paint on panel
    70 x 70 cm

  • Ready, 2019
    glass with fiberglass
    H. 55 cm

  • Verschiebung, 1970
    painted wood
    45 x 45 cm

Lakeside Collection


Lakeside Capital Partners is a Netherlands based, boutique financial services and investment group focusing on real estate advisory and corporate finance including M&A, restructuring and asset management. Alongside its advisory services, the group acts as an equity partner through its investment company.

Lakeside Capital Partners, through its investment company, invests in companies with growth and turn-around opportunities. The investment group provides hands-on management, seed capital, venture capital, private equity and senior debt; not only to be structured as individual transactions but also syndications and funds.

A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence exhibited at "Villa Lakeside" and affiliated locations.

Diversity and inclusion is a valuable source of inspiration for the Lakeside Collection, which consists of over 120 artworks created by local and international artists from 1946 until present.

Lakeside Collection believes in the power of art and conveys inspiration to its visitors. The collection exhibits many different art forms ranging from video art, sculptures, paintings, filmography, photography to print.

The collection was founded in 2015 and has been growing it's presence in the art market since. In 2019 Lakeside Collection became an official member of the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections (VBCN).

Our Connection With Art
Society has always been connected to art throughout its history. Art is the reflection of social consciousness and awareness. It exposes the ideas, feelings, and concepts that we all live in. Overthinking existential questions and pursuing to find answers where art is a source of inspiration. The purpose of the collection is to open a door for society in order to promote self-growth and enlightenment.

Geographic Focus
In the global landscape of art, getting back to roots creates distinguished importance. Focusing on the local artists helps individuals to observe the artistic features in themselves. With a global awareness, Lakeside Collection is highly focused on the local modern and contemporary artworks. Thus, the Lakeside Collection includes both international and Dutch artists.

Growing Artists
Knowing that art has a unique power of gathering and connecting the society, Lakeside Collection aims to understand today and think about tomorrow. We tend to support the growing artists who represent the art of today and tomorrow, and believe that art has a particular position in expressing current and upcoming generations.

Public Awareness
Lakeside Collection emphasizes that art should be accessible for all in society. Strengthening a connection of art with society triggers questioning, critical thinking and induces development. Art raises awareness about our surroundings. We acknowledge that art cannot be owned, it can only be preserved for future generations.

Collection title
Lakeside Collection
Marieke de Waaij, Ali Keles
Head office
Art collection locations
“Villa Lakeside” (headoffice), affiliated locations and Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen
Number of art works
approx. 120 artworks
Launch year
many different art forms ranging from video art, sculptures, paintings, filmography, photography to print.
Focus of collection
Modern and contemporary art collection with local presence
Guided tours

Art tours are available on request at Lakeside Capital Partners headquarters and Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam

Art collection website
Exposition space

"Villa Lakeside"
Delftweg 96
3043 NA Rotterdam 


Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen
Compartiment Lakeside Collection (4e verdieping)
Museumpark 24
3015 CX Rotterdam

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