Houthoff Buruma

  • Aam Solleveld
  • Steven Aalders
  • Annelise Coste
  • Kristof van Gestel
  • Ger van Elk
  • Ronald de Bloeme
  • Vika Mitrichenka
  • Annelise Coste
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Untiteld, 2007/2008
walldrawing installation with tape
afmetingen variabel

Houthoff Buruma — Aam Solleveld

  • zonder titel

    Untiteld, 2007/2008
    walldrawing installation with tape
    afmetingen variabel

  •  ultima thule VI

    Ultima thule VI, 2004
    oil on linnen
    80 x 80 cm

  • flydragon

    Flydragon, 2004
    airbrush on paper
    175 x 125 cm

  • giacomo

    Giacomo, 2007
    birch plywood, pine wood, cylinders, woollen carpet
    afmetingen variabel

  • western stylemasters

    Western Stylemasters, 1991
    serigraphy on photoprint
    115 x 90 cm

  • shopping

    Shopping, 2005
    matt and gloss lacquer on cotton
    220 x 350 cm

  • Vika Mitrichenka, Z.t, 2006
    installation, porcelain
    afmetingen variabel

  • what to do

    What to do, 2005
    airbrush and paint on paper
    155 x 125 cm

Houthoff Buruma Art Collection


Houthoff Buruma is a long-established Netherlands based law firm with over 250 lawyers worldwide. The firm's lawyers in each practice area and across its offices work collaboratively to help clients assess new opportunities and manage risk in a redefined marketplace. As the fabric of the global economic environment unravelled, Houthoff Buruma partnered with clients to respond to unprecedented circumstances with innovative solutions and sound legal judgement. Houthoff Buruma has a vision on economic growth that is productive, sustainable and inclusive.

The Houthoff Buruma art collection consists of contemporary art, national and international, with paintings, works on paper, sculptures, installations, graphic art and photography of Pieter Laurens Mol, Ger van Elk, Roger Raveel, Carel Visser and other artists. A younger generation is also represented, including artists like Roderick Hietbrink, Ronald de Bloeme, Vika Mitrichenka, Annelise Coste, Heringa van Kalsbeek and Sylvie Zijlmans.

The idea behind the collection in the ITO Tower at the Zuidas business district and in the office at Weena in Rotterdam was to provide the firm's employees and visitors with an inspiring (working) environment. Currently the art policy is aimed at the management and conservation of a carefully composed collection. An external art adviser, Joannette Wegener Sleeswijk-Balvert, assists Houthoff Buruma with its art policy and she is also the contact person for the Houthoff Buruma art collection.

When Houthoff Buruma moved into the new head office at the Amsterdam Zuidas in 2005, the art collection was re-evaluated. To that end a special art committee was set up and they formulated the starting points for the current art collection.

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