Gemeente Wassenaar

  • Jan Snoeck
  • Marte Röling
  • Jan van Heel
  • Rein Draijer
  • Jan Snoeck
  • Floris Meydam
  • Kees van Bohemen
  • Sierk Schröder
 Alter Ego twee
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Alter ego 2, 1987

Gemeente Wassenaar — Jan Snoeck

  •  Alter Ego twee

    Alter ego 2, 1987

  •  H.M. Koningin Beatrix

    H.M. Queen Beatrix, 1982
    56 x 62 cm

  •  Chateau en Espagne

    Chateau en Espagne, 1965/1966
    oil on canvas
    90 x 100 cm

  •  Zonder titel, 1969

    Untitled, 1969
    oil painting
    135 x 135 cm

  •  Alter Ego

    Alter Ego 1, 1987

  • Bath

    20 cm

  • Wolvega

    Wolvega, 1969
    oil on canvas
    140 x 140 cm

  •  Portret Burgemeester Dr. S.F.A. baron van Wijnbergen

    Portrait mayor Dr. S.F.A. baron van Wijnbergen, 1955
    oil on canvas
    80 x 100 cm

Art Collection Wassenaar


The municipality of Wassenaar is a large and green environment where people like to live.
While Raadhuis the Paauw serves to function als town executive center for the Mayor and the Eldermen , and also the Council , the building also remains the town showcase.

The art collection of the municipality of Wassenaar contains art works of artists from the past and the present, living of working in or around Wassenaar.
The sea, the woods, the cottages and the beautifull country houses are inspiring surroundings for artists. In the collection many works of art represent landscapes, views on the village and other typical images of Wassenaar by Sierk Schröder, Paul Citroen, Roeland Koning and others.

Many rich collectioneurs are living in the village. With their help the Council was able to extend the main collection ,works of art by the Nieuwe Haagse School (New School of the Hague). The artists belonging to the NHS worked in 1950/60 in and around The Hague and Wassenaar. Some of them like Jan Cremer, became internationally famous; others were only famous in the region but their work also meets high standards.Artists: Aart van den Ijssel , Kees van Bohemen, Jan Cremer, Kees Andrea, Theo Bitter, Jan Roëde, Jaap Eggens, Jaap Nanninga, Ber Mengels, Aat Verhoog, Rein Draaijer, and many others.

Last but nog least the Kings and Queens of the Netherlands and also the Mayors of Wassenaar are present in the collection of the Municipality: graphics of Jeroen Henneman en Marte Röling, sculptures of Eric Claus en photo's of F.Ziegler en Max Koot.
Since the fifties ca. 80 works of art, mostly bronzes, embellish public space in the village. Artists: Theo van der Nahmer, Jan Snoeck, Dora Dolz en Kees Verkade.

Collection title
Art Collection Wassenaar
Helene van 't Hoen
Head office
Town Hall ´De Paauw´, Raadhuislaan 22, 2242 CP Wassenaar
Art collection locations
Number of art works
Launch year
paintings, photography, sculpture, graphics, glass art, antique
Focus of collection
Contemporary regional art with an accent on the 'Nieuwe Haagse School'(New School of The Hague).
Guided tours

On request.

  • Gemeente Wassenaar & John Sillevis, Art Collection 2011, Wassenaar, 2011
  • Gemeente Wassenaar, Beeldend Wassenaar, Wassenaar, 2004
Exposition space

In and around the town hall 'Raadhuis De Paauw'. The exhibition area, so called 'Garden Room' and 'Pieter Twent Room'.


The Municipality of Wassenaar coöperates with:

  • Pulchri Studio Den Haag (expositiones in Raadhuis de Paauw)
  • Museum Beelden aan Zee (exposition Sculptuur Den Haag in gardens de Paauw)
  • Library Wassenaar
  • BplusC in Leiden (former Musicschool)
  • Anonymous sponsors
Works on loan
  • Jardinières uit de collectie van Anna Paulowna, 'Een wintertuin herleeft', Museum Paleis het Loo Apeldoorn, 2010
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