Erasmus University presents - HESTER OERLEMANS - DESIDERIUS - ONLINE

02 09 2021

29 10 2021

Erasmus University presents - HESTER OERLEMANS - DESIDERIUS - ONLINE



The works of artist Hester Oerlemans (1961) are interventions on everyday reality. In a playfully poetic but also critical way, Oerlemans shows her perception of the world. The viewer is taken along in her visual language and more than once surprised by the serious layering of the work and the great diversity in the material used.  In drawings, objects, and installations, Oerlemans work unfolds to its essence. The result is an exciting play between recognition and estrangement.

This solo exhibition entitled Desiderius features drawings (2020) and works from the BLOBS series (2020). In addition, there are new paintings on show from the series Silver Paintings (2021).


The exhibition marks the placement of Oerlemans’ permanent outdoor artwork ONLINE commissioned by Erasmus University in the context of the Education Prize, a prize awarded annually by the university during the opening of the academic year. The artwork's title refers to the extraordinary education achievement in 2020, the year in which the online education necessary by Covid-19 was realized extremely fast. ONLINE is a tribute to the effort and commitment of the entire academic staff that contributed to the unexpected necessary transition. The artwork consists of 95 Icons that generally serve as a means of communication in the virtual world. As a lasting memory these icons now become small sculptures in the outdoor space of campus Woudestein.

Location artwork ONLINE: tribune at the Erasmus Plaza steps, outdoor area campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

As of 30 August, the use of a mouth mask is mandatory when moving inside the Erasmus University buildings. Before you arrive, check the latest University corona updates on

Location Erasmus Gallery AB-57 - exposition ‘HESTER OERLEMANS…DESIDERIUS’- 2/09 until 29/10 open mo-fri 9-18, location: Erasmus Gallery corridor between Auditorium Erasmus Building and Theil Building C-hall - Erasmus University Rotterdam, Burgemeester Oudaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, info Art Affairs EUR, T (010) 408 2802 - M 06 13777244 - E

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