• Tony Cragg
  • Lara Almarcegui
  • Steven Aalders
  • Erik van Lieshout
  • Jakob Kolding
  • Esther Tielemans
  • Susanne Kriemann
  • Antoine Berghs
  • Robbie Cornelissen
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Flotsam, 1999
polystyrene and glass fibre
125 x 100 x 100 cm

BPD — Tony Cragg

  • Flotsam

    Flotsam, 1999
    polystyrene and glass fibre
    125 x 100 x 100 cm

  • Ruines in the Netherlands

    Guide to Ruins in the Netherlands, 2008
    colour prints
    (26x) 30 x 45 cm

  • December

    December, 2002-2003
    oil on canvas
    126 x 126 cm

  • commission

    Commission, 2011
    49 min.

  • PlayStructureI

    Play Structure, 2009-2010
    wood, paper, acrylics and plywood
    100 x 99 x 28 cm

  • zt2010

    Untitled, 2010
    acrylics and epoxy on plywood
    480 x 87 x 50 cm

  • Onetimeonemillion

    One Time One Million, 2009
    offset prints
    (46x) 33 x 39 cm

  • Fold

    Fold, 2006
    collage, pen, colourpencil and acrylics
    200 x 290 cm

  • Labyrinth

    The Labyrinth Runner, 2009
    animation video
    10 min.

BPD Art Collection


BPD, which stands for Bouwfonds Property Development, is a large area developer of attractive new residential areas in the Netherlands and Germany. BPD was established in 1946 under the name of Bouwspaarkas Drentsche Gemeenten. Since our establishment 75 years ago, we have facilitated the construction of about 365,000 residential units. We are proud to say that, today, more than 1 million people live in residential areas that we have helped to develop. Taking an integrated approach to every area development, we are committed to affordability and sustainability, so that we create inclusive living environments with a comprehensive focus on physical, spatial and social dimensions. We operate based on our social belief that everyone is entitled to a comfortable home in a pleasant living environment. We will continue to pursue our ambition of providing affordable and comfortable housing for many generations to come.

BPD Art Collection
Forty-five years ago, BPD took the initiative of starting its own art collection. From the start in 1976, the scope was international. The collection has been created to offer employees a stimulating working environment and to give them a broader view of the world. In addition, BPD considers it important to support the cultural climate.

The collection presents an overview of works from the 20th and 21st centuries, with an emphasis on fundamental painting, new figuration, new sculpture and neo-expressionism. In 2010, the collection policy was changed and is now more related to the business of BPD. The starting point of the current collection policy is to collect contemporary (inter)national art in which space plays a role. This includes works by artists who use architecture, urban and public space in their work, but also works of artist who deal with the relationship between their work and space. The BPD Art Collection encompasses virtually all media; from painting, sculpture and photography to installations and video art.

The BPD Art Collection is on display in the BPD offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Works are also regularly loaned to various museums and art institutions. In and around the Burgerweeshuis, BPD's head office, the BPD Art Collection blends in with the architecture.

Art and culture at BPD
Art and culture are inextricably linked with the quality of living environments. Ever since the company was founded in 1946, art and culture have been linked to our company in a variety of ways. In addition to the BPD Art Collection, BPD is also active in the field of art and culture in many other ways. With BPD Culture Fund, we have been contributing to the realization of art and culture projects for more than 30 years. Through BPD Art Projects, BPD is integrating art into its own area developments. With BPD Lab, we are deploying art and culture in the development of a vision for BPD's future projects. BPD Lab is focused on BPD-employees. Lastly, exhibitions are organized with (cultural) partners in the Burgerweeshuis.


Collection title
BPD Art Collection
Sharon Oldenkotte-Vrolijk, Jenny Rietbergen-Barendregt, Caroline Coffrie
Head office
Art collection locations
The collection is on display in the offices of BPD in the Netherlands and Germany.
Number of art works
Launch year
All disciplines
Focus of collection
Starting point of the current collection policy is to collect contemporary (inter) national art in which space which plays a role. This includes works by artists who use architecture, urban and public space in their work, but also works of artists who deal with the relationship between their work relates and space.
Guided tours

On request, for more information see: 

Art collection website
  • Rabo Kunstzaken en Afdeling Kunst & Cultuur Rabo Vastgoedgroep, Habita(n)t, Utrecht, 2012
  • Eva Rovers, Wahlverwandtschaft. Bouwfonds Kunstcollectie - Museum Belvédère, Oranjewoud, 2009
  • Véronique Baar, Jenny Barendregt, Sharon Oldenkotte - Vrolijk & Micky Piller, Room with a view, de Bouwfonds Kunstcollectie, Hoevelaken, 2006
  • Wim Beeren, Maarten Doorman & Fred van de Velden, Twintig jaar verzamelen, Hoevelaken, 1996
  • Maarten Doorman & Tracy Metz, Bouwfonds. Een keuze, Hoevelaken, 1996
Exposition space

Several times a year, we organise exhibitions in the Burgerweeshuis. For the subjects of the exhibition, we focus on subjects that connect with the Burgerweeshuis and the ideas of Aldo van Eyck, with the artworks from the BPD Art Collection and with the other cultural activities of BPD (BPD Culture Fund, BPD Art Projects and BPD Lab) . In doing so, we aim to create a strong link between BPD and the exhibition programme, given the overlaps of the activities in the area of art and culture with BPD's fields of work. With the exhibition space, we are creating added value for BPD-employees, stakeholders, the surrounding area (Zuidas) and other interested parties.


For more than 70 years BPD has been contributing to the quality of people's living environment. We stimulate art and culture in different ways, both within and outside the organization. For example, the BPD Art Collection exists for more than 40 years and the BPD Culture Fund for 30 years.

With BPD Lab we connect alternative and inspiring practices of urban designers, public developers, artists and architects to current themes and the daily practice of area development. In addition, we reinforce art and culture with BPD Art Projects in relation to the area developments of BPD.

Works on loan
  • Micha Patiniott, Loud Shirt, 'Figuurlijk', Museum Hilversum, Hilversum, 2012
  • Tony Cragg, Flotsam, 'BinnensteBuiten', CBK Drenthe, Assen, 2012
  • Henk Visch, L'absente de tous bouquets nr.2, 'Henk Visch', KAdE, Amersfoort, 2012
  • Roger Raveel, Hoogspanning, 'Even terugschouwen', Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem, 2011-12
  • Susanne Kriemann, One Time One Million, 'Susanne Kriemann', Kunsthalle, Winterthur, 2011

BPD Art Collection regularly lends works of art to museums and art institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. For more information see:


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