25 04 2014



The Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections (VBCN) is proud to present the second VBCN OPEN curatorial competition. Every two years, the VBCN aims to bring its art within reach of the public. It therefore invites exhibition makers (no age limit) to submit proposals for exhibitions focusing on or featuring works from its corporate collections. With this prize, the VBCN aims to support, encourage, and provide a platform for contemporary exhibition makers. To receive the conditions of entry and the entry form please email secretariaat@vbcn.nl

Entry is open to anyone holding a Dutch residence permit with experience in exhibition-making. You must be capable of independently setting up and organising an exhibition. Interested parties should electronically submit an exhibition concept, entries will be accepted from 1 May through 30 June.

An expert jury will judge the entries on creativity and feasibility. It will select three finalists, who will be invited to present their proposals to the jury. The winner will be announced in September and will be given the opportunity and production budget to realise his or her concept. The winning curator will also receive a modest honorarium. The exhibition will open in February 2015.

The first VBCN OPEN was a great success and was won by Claire van Els and Hendrik Folkerts. The duo won for the performance project time deposits, which investigated the role of contemporary performance art in business environments.

With this prize, the VBCN seeks to support contemporary exhibition makers by providing them with a chance to realise a concept of their own devising. To this end, it will make available the art collections of its 51 members as well as the appropriate facilities (including exhibition space, security and furnishings). A primary objective of the competition is to make corporate collections accessible and visible for the general public. At the same time, in an era of budget cuts and a withdrawing government, the VBCN wishes to underline the fact that business attaches importance to a lively, dynamic artistic climate.

The Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections (VBCN) is an alliance of businesses, organisations and institutions that maintain art collections (contemporary and otherwise) alongside their core activities. It serves as a professional platform through which knowledge and experience is shared among curators and art advisors working for its member organisations. When it was founded in 2005, the VBCN chose as its core values dynamism, independence, internationalism and encouragement.

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