• Sven Kroner
  • Jasper Hagenaar
  • Micha Patiniott
  • Charlotte Schleiffert
  • Atelier van Lieshout
  • Koos Breukel
  • Rezi van Lankveld
  • Rinus van de Velde
  • Sven 't Jolle
  • Annaleen Louwes
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Untitled, 2000
acrylic on canvas
220 x 265 cm

ENECO — Sven Kroner

  • Zonder titel

    Untitled, 2000
    acrylic on canvas
    220 x 265 cm

  • Völkerschlacht

    Völkerschlacht, 2009
    oil on panel
    89 x 62 cm

  • Empty Head

    Empty Head, 2007
    oil on canvas
    100 x 120 cm

  • Hope

    Hope, 2006
    drawing on paper
    207 x 152 cm

  • Wall Piece

    Wall Piece, 2006
    120 x 150 x 120 cm

  • Lucien Freud

    Lucien Freud, 2008
    colour photograph
    66 x 100 cm

  • Maxy Polka

    Maxy Polka, 2009
    ink on paper
    100 x 120 cm

  • The Kuznetsky bridge

    The Kuznetsky bridge, 2010
    charcoal on paper
    160 x 181 cm

  • Sans Papier Village

    Sans Papier & Village, 2005
    mixed media
    127 x 60 x 63 cm

  • Het vijfde seizoen

    The fifth season, 2005
    colour photograph
    120 x 100 cm

ENECO Art Collection


The Eneco group focuses on saving energy, generating sustainable energy together with clients, and delivering clean energy. The Eneco group comprises the companies Stedin (grid management), Joulz (infrastructures) and Eneco (energy company). On the basis of its mission, ‘Sustainable energy for everyone’, the Eneco group invests in sustainable energy sources, energy solutions and infrastructure, with the long-term intention of keeping energy clean, available and affordable for the client. Some 7,000 people work for Eneco, of whom several hundred are outside the Netherlands. The headquarters is in Rotterdam.

The Art Collection of Eneco currently comprises some 300 works. Alongside painters like Michael Raedecker, Koen Vermeule, Gijs Frieling, Emo Verkerk, Gé-Karel van der Sterren, Ronald Ophuis and Sven Kroner, photographers like Koos Breukel and Desiree Dolron, and sculptures from Tom Claassen and Hans van Bentem, less well-known artists also feature in the collection. It was resituated last year in our new headquarters in Rotterdam Eneco World Prins Alexander.
Form, colour, material and concept play a role in relation to the atmosphere in which the works are displayed in mutual cohesion.

Art policy
In building up an art collection Eneco supports young and beginning Dutch artists with a certain recognition, largely established Dutch artists and young foreign artists who come to live and work in the Netherlands.
As a consequence of the expansion of the Eneco network in Belgium, from 2010 work from young Belgian artists has also been added to the collection in Belgium.
Alongside the fact that Eneco exercises its social responsibility in building up a collection of contemporary art, the artworks contribute to a representative and stimulating working environment.
Apart from traditional forms of work such as paintings and photography which are representative of a diverse, modern design and interpretation, the art policy also focuses on work with quality which allows scope for experimentation. Within this context, in 2012 a comprehensive video work by Jasper de Beijer was acquired.
Eneco is a company whose clarion cry is sustainability. Whether the artworks are exuberant or instead sober in tone, uninhibited or controlled, traditional or more adventurous, sustainability justifies their right to exist alongside each other, and also characterises the Eneco Art Collection.
Eneco takes account of the interests of its clients and other stakeholders. The artworks are always selected such that appreciation among employees and visitors has been able to grow, and that the collection has been able to evolve into an essential component of the image of our company. Thus it is that for its acquisition rounds twice a year, Eneco follows current developments within the expressive arts with enthusiasm and energy.

Since December 2000 Eneco has implemented a collecting policy for unique contemporary artworks. From that time the acquisition policy has largely determined the character of the collection. In practice this means that acquisition rounds are organised twice a year. These rounds are prepared by an advisor and coordinator. The artworks are presented to the Board of Directors. The Board then decides whether this art is appropriate to Eneco’s objectives.

Collection title
ENECO Art Collection
Frans Boomsma
Head office
Art collection locations
Number of art works
Around 300 works make up the core collection.
Launch year
Paintings, photos, drawings, prints, sculptures, installations, videos.
Focus of collection
Current expressive art with the accent on artists who have lived and worked in the Netherlands from 1950.
Guided tours

On request

  • De Eneco kunstcollectie 1 en 2, coordination Sigrid Fluit, Rotterdam 2003 and 2006

Eneco sponsors incidental cultural events

Works on loan
  • Hanneke Francken, Final Cut, ‘All About Drawing’, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, 2011
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