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Making monsters for my friends
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  • “The general public opinion is that art is for the elite, that it’s something inaccessible. But when people come into contact with it, there’s often a spark. Art represents aspects of our innermost selves, deeper emotions.”
    Elco Brinkman, chair, Bouwend Nederland, former Dutch Minister of Culture (1982–1989). Corporate Art Collections in the Netherlands
  • “Since most corporate art collections closely follow artists, they can serve as a good basis for an artist’s career.”
    Juliètte Jongma, Galerie Juliètte Jongma. Corpoarte Art Collections in the Netherlands
  • “I’m convinced that if you confront people with art – on an everyday basis in the office, you encourage them to think outside the box. They start approaching things from a different angle; they’re more inclined to reflect.”
    Hans Wijers, former CEO, Akzo Nobel. Corporate Art Collections in the Netherlands
  • “Art can motivate, inspire, and contribute to the development of new perspectives. In this sense, art can definitely be a meaningful part of human resources.”
    Arjo Klamer, professor of cultural economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Corporate Art Collections in the Netherlands
  • “Institutional collections are of great importance for the Dutch art world… and have an effect on how people experience art. They go to galleries and museums more often. They start to look differently, more consciously and deliberately.”
    Charlotte Dumas, artist. Corporate Art Collections in the Netherlands
Hans Broek
Anything but homeless.
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